Mook Pancakes

In keeping with the Amsterdam theme, I have to talk about Mook Pancakes (De Clercqstraat 34, 1052 MZ Amsterdam). I knew I had to have pancakes while I was in the Netherlands, and I had faith that I would be able to find an egg-free option.

I didn’t expect to be so amazed by that option, though.

Getting to Mook is easy enough on public transit, there’s a stop right outside the establishment. It’s clean logo matches its clean interior. The furnishings and decor were very streamlined, clean, and airy. I can’t emphasize the cleanliness enough! The simplicity of the environment at Mook really lets you pay attention to the masterpiece pancakes.


Upon entering, I was greeted warmly by the staff and chose my own seat as it was still early in the day. There were options for seating, from the high tables and chairs on the entrance level, and fun booths on the lower level. I opted the table right near the kitchen so I could watch the chefs work their magic!

I asked what the waitress what she would recommend, what item she felt would most capture the restaurant’s essence. She had suggestions for both sweet and savory, and encouraged the sweet option to really get a taste of signature Mook. I had come in determined to get something savory and full of veggies, but I have a voracious sweet tooth and couldn’t refuse her suggestion!


Granola, strawberries, honey, Greek yogurt and a side of warm peanut butter.

How I wish I had someone to share this with! Or someone to order two items with so we could have a bit of both…! Best of all, they have a vegan batter option! I avoid egg in my foods, so I usually end up choosing vegan options because my order of “No egg, but milk and cheese are fine!” is too often met with very confused stares from the waiters. It’s just easier to not have to explain my dietary preferences in depth when I’m hangry. But the staff at Mook accommodated me with no issue!

The pancakes won, and I had to leave behind about 4 bites. If I wasn’t headed to the airport, I would have had it packed to go, but I knew I wouldn’t be hungry for quite some time after that. I can’t stop raving about Mook! The staff, the environment, and the food were all on point! I’ve been acting as their guerilla marketing team since visiting.

So, Mook, if you’re ever trying to open up a shop in California, just drop me a line



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