Things I Like

“You should start a blog.”

That’s everyone’s advice these days. Or maybe it’s because I’m from Silicon Valley (it seems “you should make an app” has become more of a thing nowadays).

You have the chicest outfits in your friend group? Start a blog!

You’re a creative baker who whips up the most decadent desserts? Start a blog!

You’re trying to get into an internship and need to stand out? Start a blog!

I’ve been advised to start blogging for a while now, especially after I put my college blog to rest. But it feels like the right time to try my hand at it again. As much as my goal is to share wellness with as many people as I can, I do recognize that blogging needs to be something I start and continue for myself. If I don’t love it and it’s not a good channel for me to express what excites me or document new things I’ve picked up, then it won’t be sustainable. I am all about sustainability. So, what sustains me?

I like coffee. I love coffee, actually. I enjoy the experience, I am eager to learn about the process from start to finish. I am interested in the social responsibility associated with third wave coffee. So when people tell me, “I love coffee too, I have like six Starbucks a day!” I will roll my eyes.

I like food. I rarely eat at the same eatery twice because I’m driven to try new places and new foods, new ingredients and new recipes. I like cooking and baking. I like learning about superfoods and the curative properties of ancient plants. I enjoy chasing down the latest food trend and seeing what the hype is about. I invite the challenge to find a vegan-ized version of something. I yearn for the experience that a certain food can bring- hot chocolate on a rainy afternoon, a fresh stroopwaffel in hand while ambling down through the market, sipping an ice-cold lemonade on a warm summer evening.

I am undoubtedly influenced by my background in nutrition. I’m driven by my dietary needs, I’m vegetarian, so running into a veg-friendly place to eat (especially a bakery that omits eggs!) in a new location is the peak of thrill for me. I imagine this blog starting out as a place to document the different places I’ve eaten- it helps that I’ve been motivated to travel recently, so those will be fun stories to tell as well!

I like writing. I’ve written and made up stories since elementary school. While I prefer poetry and fiction writing, I enjoy trying my hand at new forms I’m less familiar with!

I view those as the big 3 that will serve as a launching point for this blog. Like I’ve said before, this blog will evolve and change as time goes on!



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