Compote and Cream

These are two of the ingredients in the game-changing porridge I had one rainy, February morning at Torvehallerne in Copenhagen. Actually, it wasn’t cream. It was quark, a yogurt-like Germanic cheese (or perhaps a cheese-like yogurt). But quark isn’t as easy to spell.

Anyways, this porridge was amazing. It tasted rich and creamy, not too sweet, and all the flavors had their moment to shine. It made me feel warm on the inside, and reminded me of the oatmeal my grandma would make for me when I was younger, fortified with plenty of butter and sugar. The porridge represented what I had come to Copenhagen to experience- the Danish concept of hygge.

So, is this blog going to be dedicated to hygge and all things warm and cozy? To document my tips in attaining that Instagram-worthy lifestyle? To catalogue my daily outfits that are somehow always on point? In a word: No.

This blog will attempt to communicate a painfully average person’s zeal for holistic wellness, good food, and exceptional coffee. A 9-to-5 working type who struggles to balance career and life, reality and adventures. I aim to share my stories and outings in living a life that promotes wellness on all levels- mental, physical, and even global!

I want to focus on the ingredients to creating a life that makes you feel whole and fulfilled, on the little things that contribute to the bigger picture, to the whole recipe.

It can be so tempting to follow a blogger and want your life to look as perfect as that person’s does online! To buy the same exact top or the same exact blender. But…what if that top isn’t in a color you like? Or you don’t have time to use a blender? You won’t get a lot of use out of those things, no matter how appealing they seemed, no matter how much they fit into a cookie-cutter image. It’s great to draw inspiration from social media, but I want this to be a place where you can also apply those ideas to your own life in ways that will work for you!

Here’s to a exploring new frontiers!



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